Short Piece for 3 Lamps and a Body

Performance happened in Sarajevo (Bosnia), but was live-streamed as the opening of the exhibition 'Body Language' in USA. Alex's work has also been exhibited during the whole exhibition. It was organized by Alma Selimović USA-based visual artist, originally from Bosnia. Performance was made with the help of team of bosnian activist organization 'Okvir'.

Performer shares a great distance with his audience.
Performer’s audience can’t feel his energy and can share more audio/visual experience than the one of the presence.
Performer used to be a painter.
Performer decided not to be a painter anymore.
Performer will try to question why his body has so much need to be the center of attention and why it had to come and replace the canvas.
Performer will do a number of actions in order to connect the struggle of his artistic medium and body, to the universal struggle of creation in which we give our best when it comes from internal pain and exploration, and not from mere “beauty” or “inspiration”.
Performer will use various objects to emphasize his body parts and body states.
Performer’s body needs to perform in order to survive.
Performer wants the audience to feel the struggle of his queer body to save itself and to destroy itself in the same time.
Performer can’t reach his audience because they are far away and can’t sense him.
Performer’s body becomes a canvas for his audience to look upon.
Performer’s body is not a dull, finished canvas, but canvas in process, trying to compensate with paint what it lacks in it’s naked form.
Performer finishes painting his body and calms down.
Performance ends.

Washington Post