"Medeja Vi" was a part of "Medea" performances organized in Belgrade's Ostavinska galerija (Probate Gallery) by artist Uros Jovanovic and his project "Theater of capitalist cruelty". On 30th April 2017., four artist made their own performances on the same subject. As Medea destroyed her beloved's wedding to another woman and killed her and Jason's children, participants in the process of "Medea" bring themselves to talk about their past relationships and great love of theirs, crazy things they did for those individuals, trying to find do they need a last words to say to those who left us hurt, final "Salute!", or to take their own last punishment for the times past. In this performance, artist drinks a bottle of highly alcoholic drink ('Vinjak'), that he, eventually shares with audiance. He raises his glass to his former girlfriend, and each salute is dedicated to good or bad things that stayed in memory. As alcohol was one of the causes of ending of that particular relationship, artist whips himself after drinking, representing the always hurtful ending of the story of two people. However, when the bruises heal, a human being is ready for another emotional journey.