Site-specific long durational performance art piece
Performed during Venice International Performance Art Week
December 14th 2017
Palazzo Mora
Venice, Italy

Duration: 2h40min

(...)Is it where we first meet with death? Home? Is it where we first and last time shit our pants, literally, and are not able to wipe the ass ourselves? Home? Is it where we stink? Home? And can’t get out of the bathtub? Home. (...) Do the legs become heavy? Does the spine start to hurt? Do you need a helping hand to cross over the rug? Can you reach the toilet on time? Home? Is this what we expected it to be? Was this a word we thought has a meaning? Home? Home? Home?

The main physical action of this piece consists of an artist hitting his body (mainly back) to the wall, and moving like that throughout the space of the whole building. In a way, it is mapping the space with blows of the body. It symbolizes being stuck in a construct that we call 'family' or 'home. This piece is questioning what can mentioned words actually mean, what is truly one's home and how to break the social norm that is obligating us to have something that is called 'home'.

Performance is supported by:
Venice International Performance Art Week
STEP-Travel Grant

Photographs: Lorenza Cini