Ekliptika (eng. Ecliptic)

Premiere: October 30th 2018, Magacin, Belgrade, as part of Konenz Festival
Link: http://www.dancestation.org/station/kondenz-2018/
Production: Alex Spyke/Kondenz Festival/ Stanica(Station)-Service for contemporary dance
Audio/video: Alex Spyke and Stefan Yas

Solo dance performance, dedicated to death and those parts of us we have to let go (to let die) during time, in order to fit into society. Visual and sound material used for this project artist feels as personal and organic because it has been taken out of his own environment. While he is trying to fit in that particular surrounding, once again, this time in an abstract way, the performer is evoking feeling and mental state of the situation in which he felt like he has passed, so-called, „five stages of death/deep grief“. This five-stages-model has been established in psychology by Swiss psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross. By taking the personal story as an indication for body movement and the research base of it in this work, the artist will apply his own process of transformation and fitting in the surrounding, to the general image of society as such, in which we all are in certain times – being aware of it or not – forced to transform, with or without our will, in order to fit in given shapes and models. The question is, are parts of us forced to die in this transforming processes, and how our bodies cope with that?

The idea for using an experience that felt close to death (or deep deep grief), came to life from the need to show death not as something necessarily bad, but as natural and organic. The transformation, that this particular piece envelops, is based on the principle of making a full ellipse or a circle. Ekliptika is not just dance and artistic research, but also research in the area of psychology, philosophy, and sociology.

This piece was partially financed through the IndieGoGo campaign. I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who donated and supported the development and creation of this project. Thank you!