An Installation for One Memory

Long durational performance art piece
Performed May 12th 2018
Magacin u Kraljevića Marka (MKM)
Belgrade, Serbia
Duration: 6 hours

Once, I had other worlds, found in books. Once, I had where to run to. Once, I had time. My own, intimate. This is a memory of that time.

Using the body and voice of the performer as part of the exhibited installation, this piece is questioning the border between what is intimate and what is public, both in context of the content that is being read, as well in the context of personal and social frames. During 6 hours performer reads the book from cover to cover in a low, whispering voice that is picked up by one microphone. Another microphone is placed on the ground where it is picking up the sound of branches being broken over time by the performer's feet. Both sounds combined are creating a sound installation and are transforming the performing body into a part of installation.