Spiral of Silence

Spirala ćutanja / Spiral of Silence
December 10th, 2018
Center for Cultural Decontamination (CZKD), Belgrade, Serbia
Short contemporary dance performance in collaboration with artist Mina Ćirić. Performed at the opening of the conference dedicated to intersex rights in Serbia and region.
Concept/choreography/music/performed by: Mina Ćirić and Alex Spyke
Production: XY Spectrum
Special thanks to: Kristian Ranđelović, CZKD, KC Magacin, Milan Cerović

Both in Serbia, region, but also in most countries in the world, intersex individuals encounter the ’veil’ of silence, ignorance, and denial. Both from society and those who should be closest to them (families etc.). Continuous discrimination and constant misunderstanding lead to the shrinking of an individual into the rhythm of social construct, regardless of whether that construct is inadequate, even violent towards our bodies. Here we propose a question – is there, besides the part of the person that is suppressed, scared and stays in given boundaries, another part of the same person that has the strength to find inner freedom? We searched for movement material in both of these partitions, that are opposed to constant barriers, traumas, and silence. While both parts try to deal with what has been done to them, each in their own way, the automatic voice speaks the text from ILGA’s publishing on intersex rights( from 2015). those words are symbols fact that we can’t change and that every intersex individual meets during their life journey.

This was a short piece, but both artists are currently working with Kristijan Ranđelović and XY Spectrum on the creation of a full-length piece with the same subject.