After The Fear

Collective performance opera

Presented by G12HUB

KPGT, Belgrade, RS

17 November 2017

Be careful of the dark car! Don‘t play with him, he’s a communist! Stop playing with the light switch! Who am I? Who are you? Are you baptised? What is your religion? What is your nationality? What is your ethnicity? Can we talk about this? Can we talk about this? Can we talk about this? Can we talk about home? Can we talk about hope? Can we talk about beauty? Can we talk about memory? Can we talk about my father? Can we talk about white guilt? Can we talk about being stripped of our clothes our possessions naked to the bare bones? Can we talk about dictators? Let‘s talk about restrictions. Let‘s talk about not being able to move, freedom, prison. Let‘s talk about queer. Let's talk about fear.

By VestAndPage in collaboration with Shola Cole, Sara Kostić, Manuel Lopez Garcia, Marco Nektan, Ivana Ranisavljević, Katarina Ranković, Albert Smith, Alex Spyke and Vedran Vucić

Photographs by Mina Sarenac, Maya Reef, Neda Mojsilovic, Vladimir Opsenica and Blueness Photography
Video by VestAndPage
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Performance was also featured in a publication by G12Hub.